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802-434-2032 - 4930 Main Road, Huntington, VT 05462 - Click here to see the Map Page
Hours: Monday (8 am - 7 pm), Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (8 am - 3 pm), Friday by appointment
Listers Office Hours: Thursday, 9 am to 3 pm; other times by appointment or chance

This is your community - get involved! Come to Town Meeting and celebrate our accomplishments as well as vote on the key issues that will affect both the way our town operates and your property taxes.

Town Meeting is March 3, 2015. The meeting is at Brewster-Pierce School.
9 am Annual School Meeting, followed by Town Meeting
Polls Open: 6:30 am to 7 pm at Brewster-Pierce School
Morning cinnamon rolls and coffee available - bring your favorite coffee cup to the meeting and settle in
Bake Sale to benefit Huntington Boy Scout Troop 645, beginning at 10:30
Potluck lunch to benefit Brewster-Pierce School Hot Lunch Program: $6 adults (hot dishes and salads needed)
To see a copy of the warnings and ballots, click here.

The Huntington Town Report is now available on the website. The photos in the version on the website are in color, which the town budget does not allow us to do in the printed version. To see a copy of the Town Report, click here. You can pick up a copy of the Town Report book at theTown Clerk's Office.

If you are a Huntington resident, you should have received a newspaper version of the Town Report in the mail by February 21. We have extras available in the Town Clerk's Office. Copies of this report will be available at Town Meeting. The newspaper version is the one that will be used for discussion at the annual meetings.

PLEASE NOTE: The Town Clerk's Office is closing at 5 pm on Monday, March 2, in order to finish setting up the elections at the school .

The Town Office is closed on Tuesday, March 3. If you have an absentee ballot, it must be returned by 5 pm on Monday to the Town Clerk's Office. If you return it on Tuesday, you need to bring it to the school by 7 pm  in order for it to be counted.

In order to provide voters greater clarity, the Huntington Selectboard requested Huntington-specific numbers be provided for the grades 5-12 MMMUSD budget. This information has been provided by the Superintendent’s office, and can now be found by clicking here.

Voters in the Chittenden East School District will meet at 6:30 pm on Thursday, February 26, at MMU. This is the annual meeting of the MMMUSD. The business of the meeting can be found on the Official Warning, as statutorily posted and in the MMMUSD Annual Report, on page 52. Please note that these reports, by vote at the 2014 Annual Meeting, were not mailed. They are available in key places: Town Clerk's Office, Huntington Public Library, Brewster-Pierce School (closed for vacation this week) and Beaudry's Store.

The 2015 tags are now available: $18 or $12/spayed/neutered.
Congratulations to dogs registered in January: #25 (Zeke, a sweet dog registered by Pam Hart) and #49 (
Winchester, Kaitlin Schifilliti's new canine pal) whose numbers were drawn out of the 51 January dog registrations - a new record. The drawing was for a free 2016 dog license. A little benefit for the early registrations.
Don't wait until the end of March to registered your dog(s) - there may be another drawing for dogs registered before March!

The Town has a new salt reduction program for paved roads this winter. For everyone's safety this winter, we ask that you drive with extra care: PLEASE REDUCE SPEED & DON'T TAILGATE. For more information, click here or call Road Foreman Yogi Alger at 434-2710 or Town Administrator Barbara Elliott at 434-4779.

With over 400 recipes, photos and historical information, the new Huntington community cookbook is not to be missed. Reserve yours by contacting Sandy Heyman at BPMS (434-2074). Click here for more details.

INFORMATION ON BRIDGE 8 (MAIN ROAD - just south of Moody Road)
The Scoping Report, Conceptual Plans, and PowerPoint presentations from public meetings about Bridge 8 are available on the VTrans (VT Agency of Transportation) website:

BREWSTER-PIERCE SCHOOL IS COLLECTING BOXTOPS FOR EDUCATION  When you purchase certain cereals, soup or other products at the local store, check the label. If there is a small emblem on the boxtop or on the side of the can, cut it out to give to the Partners in Education at Brewster-Pierce School. Each little emblem is worth ten cents when they are sent in (December and April). Drop off at the school or the Town Clerk's Office. To read more about the program, click here for Boxtops.

Huntington's Voter Checklist is 1468 / Buels Gore's Checklist is 22

833 voters came to the polls on November 4. To see the results of the November 4 General Election voting in Huntington, click here.

Huntington's Voter Checklist is 1462 / Buels Gore's Checklist is 23

116 voters came to the polls on August 26. To see the results of the August 26 Primary Election voting in Huntington, click here.


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