Town Hall Committee

lindasketch_2010The Huntington Town Hall located in Huntington Center was built in 1903 by the Modern Woodmen of America. Over the years, it has served as a Theatre, Town Grange, Town Hall, and a Library.

We are excited to announce that this historically renovated space is now available for a variety of events such as municipal meetings, performing arts, private parties, arts markets, festivals, workshops, classes, etc. This affordable venue is supported by multiple sources of funds, including building usage fees. Click on Reports & Surveys for a link to the Town Hall Rental Agreement - or contact the Town Hall Coordinator, Linda Fickbohm, at 434-6599 /

The purpose of the Town Hall Committee is to ensure that the building is maintained and to develop plans for the future use of the building. The Committee is developing a long-term maintenance and renovation plan for the building and fundraising for repairs and renovations.

The Town Hall Committee meets on the 4th Thursday of each month. Special meetings will be held as needed and as duly warned.
Start time: 7:00 PM

Location: Huntington Town Office, lower floor
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     Barbara Felitti (Chair)  (3 year term, expires 2018)
     Terry Boyle (3 year term, expires 2018)
     Aaron Worthley (3 year term, expires 2016)
     Linda Fickbohm (2 year term, expires 2017)
     Mariah Riggs (2 year term, expires 2016)
     OPEN (2 years, expires 20117)

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