The Cemetery Trustees are responsible for maintaining the town’s three cemeteries:
          Maplewood Cemetery in the Lower Village (includes Pet Cemetery in back corner),
          Huntington Center Cemetery,
          and the Hanksville Cemetery.

All three are conveniently located on the Main Road. Only Maplewood Cemetery is still active.  In 2009, the third phase of a three-phase restoration was completed in Maplewood. 

People wishing to purchase a cemetery lot or make arrangements for a burial or interment can contact Spencer Hill at 434-4223.

Meetings: Trustees meet as needed. Notices of meetings are posted in 3 places in Huntington at least 5 days prior to a meeting.

pdf Cemetery Regulations (642 KB)

Cemetery Trustees (5 year terms)
Pam Alexander (term expires 2019)
Owen Rachampbell (term expires 2021)
Terry Boyle (term expires 2020)
Heidi Racht (term expires 2022)
Paula Kelley (term expires 2018)