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802-434-2032 - 4930 Main Road, Huntington, VT 05462 - Click here to see the Map Page
Hours: Monday (8 am - 7 pm), Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (8 am - 3 pm), Friday by appointment
Listers Office Hours: Thursday (9 am - 3 pm) or by appointment (call 802-434-5783)

Town News

TOWN MEETING ANNUAL REPORT: The Town Auditors are working on the Town Report and submissions are due January 12.

A variety of positions on Boards and Commissions are up for election.
(Office shows incumbents, some of whom may or may not run for re-election.)
 Town Moderator – 1 year (Dana Cummings)
School Moderator – 1 year (Dana Cummings)
Town Clerk – 3 years (Heidi Racht)
Town Treasurer – 3 years (Kathleen Clark)
Delinquent Tax Collector – 3 years (Brent Lamoureux)
Selectboard – 3 years (Dan Rissacher)
Selectboard – 2 years (Nancy Stoddard)
School Director BPMS – 3 years (Tara Fowler)
School Director BPMS – 2 years (Andrea Ogilvie is not running for reelection)
School Director MMM/CESU – 3 years (Breck Knauft is not running for reelection)
Lister – 3 years (Ryan Elliott)
Town Grand Juror – 1 year (Owen Rachampbell)
Town Agent – 1 year (Mary Taft)
Auditor – 3 years (Lucinda Hill)
Cemetery Trustee – 5 years (Paula Kelley)
Library Trustee – 3 years (Lorrie Richland)
Library Trustee – 3 years (Harvey Schugar)
Planning Commissioner – 3 years (Terry Ryan is not running for reelection)
Planning Commissioner – 3 years (Joseph Segale)
Planning Commissioner – 2 years, remainder of 3-yr. term (Adam Miller)

Not all the incumbents will be seeking reelection, although many will be circulating a petition to be on the ballot. Please know that you can run for any office. If you would like to check in to see if someone is running for reelection, please do not float the question on electronic media. Please call the Town Clerk’s Office (434-2032), or ask the person directly.

Petitions require 16 signatures of registered Huntington voters and are due before 5 pm on Monday, January 29, 2018 (sixth Monday preceding the day of the election). Also due with the petition is a signed Consent of Candidate form.

Click here to download the documents or get from the Town Clerk.
Finally, and importantly, Vermont statute now requires that the candidate's name on the ballot be identical to the name on the voter checklist, so please check with the Town Clerk to see how you are listed - you can use a nickname, but no titles.

Learn about heat pump options for hot water and space heating, with information on the latest technologies, cost and savings comparison to other fuel sources and systems and available financial systems. This free forum is sponsored by the Huntington Energy Committee. Snacks will be provided starting at 6:15 pm.

Please know that our emergency shelter at the Church in Huntington Center is available if you need access to clean water, showers, heat, cooking facilities, etc. If the church is locked & the lights are off, call Barbara at 434-5754 or page 350-6710 and we will be happy to meet you there!

Huntington Public Library is open on Sundays, noon to 5 pm. In addition to a wide selection of books of all genres, the Library has wifi access and public computer terminals. Huntington participates in the Home Card program, which enables  Huntington and Buels Gore residents to borrow books from participating local libraries (sorry, not Fletcher Free in Burlington). Cardholders can access a variety of online educational resources and also request books through interlibrary loan. It is located in the Union Meeting House in the Lower Village. Click here for the HPL website.

Community News

COMMUNITY CALENDARS The 2018 Huntington Community Calendars are in. If you ordered one, watch for pick-up days at Brewster-Pierce School and around the community. You can also pick yours up at the Town Clerk's Office during open hours. If you didn't order one, there are extras. Calendars are $5 and, if you put in listings, each listing is .50 each. The proceeds benefit Brewster-Pierce School PIE (Partners in Education).

For information, contact Carrie Wyatt (434-5703 or

School News
- When you purchase certain cereals, soup or other products at the local store, check the label. If there is a small emblem on the box top or on the side of the can, cut it out to give to the Partners in Education at Brewster-Pierce School. Each little emblem is worth ten cents when they are sent in (December and April). Drop off at the school or the Town Clerk's Office. To read more about the program, click here for Box tops.

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